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Consular Registration

Why Register? It’s free and immensely beneficial!

The Registration of Haitian expatriates allows the Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta to better know and protect the Haitian Community under its jurisdiction.  Thus, all Haitian nationals under our jurisdiction are urged to sign up to our registry as soon as possible. 

The registry is a collection of important information specific to each citizen that enables us to act quickly to better protect, offer support, and safeguard the personal interest of Haitians living under our jurisdiction. All information received is confidential. 

Haitian Nationals (18 years and older) enrolled in the Consular registry benefit from many advantages that facilitate the administrative and legal procedures they must sometimes undertake. 

The consular Registration Card: 

• Gives proof that the individual is under the jurisdiction and protection of the Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta. 

• Gives proof to Haitian Authorities that the individual resides legally in the United States.

• Gives access to the consulate’s diverse administrative and social services 


Required documents & information: 

• Birth Certificate

• Date and number of the official News Paper “le Moniteur” containing the declaration of naturalization (for naturalized Haitians). 

• Proof of Haitian Nationality

• Formal name of individual

• Formal names of individual’s parents whether deceased or alive

• Age

• Civil status

• Occupation

• Permanent address

Note: the consular registration card does not replace the passport nor the national identity card. Neither does it grant permission to its holder to legally reside in the United States without the benefit of a visa or permanent residence card.