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Function & Jurisdiction

The Jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Haiti in Atlanta covers the state of Georgia as well as seven other states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, & North Carolina.

Our consular purpose is:

• To connect Haitian Nationals to  the Haitian administration and promote the continued exercise of their rights as citizens (Passports, Identity Cards, Notarized documents, Marriage, Birth, & Death Certificates) 

• To protect the interests of Haiti and that of Haitian immigrants living in Atlanta and the other South Eastern states under our jurisdiction as regulated by International laws. 

• To support the development and growth of economic, cultural, and scientific connections between the states under our jurisdiction and Haiti. As well as reinforce the continued open relationship between the US and Haiti.  

• To engage ourselves in the community in our region and gain an awareness of its commercial, economic, and cultural life and thus support the mission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

• To deliver visas to foreign nationals requiring a permit of entry into our territory.