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Other Services & Attestations

All requests must be submitted in person and require the following documents:

• Attestation of Driver’s license: Consular Registration card or Haitian passport and original Haitian driver’s license.  
Processing fee: $30

• Proof of identity: Consular registration card and other official documents.
Processing fee: $30

• Proof of civil status: Consular registration card, original birth certificate or extract from the national archives. In addition, two witnesses must also be present. They will be required to fill out a form and identify themselves with their consular registration card or Haitian passport. 
Processing fee: $30 + $30 for each witnesses

• Attestation of Marriage: Consular Registration Card and the original Haitian marriage certificate.
Processing fee: $30

• Attestation of divorce: Consular Registration card and the original Haitian divorce certificate.
Processing fee: $30