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Permit of Residence

In accordance with the January 27th, 2012 memorandum issued by the Ministry of Interior, Local Authorities, and National Defense (MICTDN), all foreign Nationals remaining in Haiti longer than 90 days or residing on the national territory are legally required to obtain a Residence Permit. 

The following are required to apply for a resident permit:

• The reasons why the applicant wants to go to Haiti and the length of stay in Haiti.

• A copy of the passport page with the applicant’s biographic information

• A letter from the applicant’s employer or sponsor guaranteeing his or her stay in Haiti and repatriation if necessary. 

• A health certificate issued within 30 days prior to application.

• Two passport-sized, color photos  on a white background 

• The copy of the boarding pass received during the applicant’s last visit to Haiti

• A notarized translated copy of the birth certificate (if not in French)

• Proof of income and bank statements received from a Bank in Haiti.

• Criminal records from legal authorities in the applicant’s place of residence

• A Cashier’s check for five thousand gourdes (5,000.00 gourdes) made to the order of the Public Treasury.