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In case of loss and theft of official documents

In case of loss or theft of official documents, passports, identification cards, and driver’s licenses, the consulate may deliver an attestation with the presentation of an official police report. 

The consulate may, after verification, deliver a Travel Certificate to facilitate the return to Haiti.

In case of arrest or incarceration 

You may request that the consulate be informed. The consul will let the local authorities know that you are under the consular jurisdiction of Haiti and enquire on the reasons for your arrest.

With your approval, he will notify your family and arrange for an official visit with you. He will ensure the respect of local laws and satisfy himself of the conditions of your detention.   

For legal assistance, the consul may suggest a lawyer at your expense.

In case of financial difficulty  

The consulate may suggest efficient ways for your family to transfer funds to you.

In case of sickness or terrible accident

The consulate may inform your family and consider together the necessary plan to follow: hospitalization or repatriation at your expense.

In case of death

The consulate will contact your family and offer legal advice regarding repatriation or burial of the decease or his or her ashes.

All fees are assumed by the family of the decease or his / her insurance company.

In case of difficulty with local authorities or specific individuals

The consulate may advise you and provide necessary contact information (local institution, lawyer, interpreter, etc.)

What the consulate CANNOT do:

•Repatriate you at the government’s expense

•Pay on your behalf a fine, hotel bill, or any other expense contracted by you.  

•Deliver instantly a passport 

•Interfere in the judicial process if you are involved in legal difficulty or accused of a crime in the state of Georgia or other states in our jurisdiction

•Serve as a substitute to travel agencies, banks, or insurance companies